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Firearms Unlimited Shooting Experience is a gun store and state of the art range all in one convenient location. We carry a wide variety of guns, ammunition, and accessories. If you are looking to purchase, rent, repair, shoot, or more our friendly staff is ready to help with all of your firearms needs. Whether you are a first-time shooter or seasoned veteran, we strive to provide the best customer service in a safe, comfortable, and welcoming environment.

We specialize in locating well known or hard-to-find firearms and we stock some of the hardest to find firearms and ammunition in the world! We also offer a variety of classroom and range instruction to bring your shooting skills to the next level. We are happy to share our passion for firearms with you!

Cleaning Services

Handgun – $35
AR/AK Pistol – $50
Rifle -$50
Shotgun -$50

Sight Installation

Handgun sight install (without machining) – $60
Mount scope or red dot – $40
Bore sight – $25
Zero scope or red dot – $60
Rifle sight package (mount and zero) – $75

AR-15 Services

Furniture install – $25
Install free float handguard – $65
Install gas block – $60
Install bolt catch – $20
Install aftermarket trigger – $50
Install ambidextrous safety selector – $35
Install muzzle device – $20
Check headspace – $25
Install end plate/stock/buffer tube – $25
Install flip iron sights – $20
Complete upper receiver build – $90
Complete lower receiver build – $90
Complete rifle build – $175

Action Services

Drop-in Glock triggers
(Apex/Zev/Others) – $50
Apex Tactical kits Install
(S&W and others) – $60
Volquartsen Ruger MKII/MKIII/MKIV
Trigger Kit Install – $60
GrayGuns P320/Classic SIG
Trigger Kit Install – $70
Drop-in kit install – $75
Diagnosis/Test fire – $30

Revolver Services

Install spring kits – $60

Custom Shop

1911 trigger job (2-3lbs.) – $140
1911 accurizing – $75
Polish/de-bur 1911 – $200


Pistol re-blue – price on request
Rifle re-blue – price on request
Rifle stock refinish – price on request

Want something special?

Our gunsmith specializes in custom restoration, slide work, trigger polishing and scope aligning. We'll take on any challenge!