Our facility is made up of three separate ranges each with five shooting lanes. They are all rifle rated for anything below .50BMG. Range one and two are both 25 yards and range three is 15 yards. Range three is also our dedicated tactical range with available cover and concealment, self-healing dummies, and the computerized meggitt system. This system allows for shoot/don't shoot scenarios, programmable distances, attacking and retreating targets, as well as other training simulations built directly into the carrier. The air filtration system in all ranges is state of the art and designed by Carey's Small Arms Range Ventilation. it is also EPA certified and run by two separate systems that make it clean, lead safe, and smokeless place to shoot.


having three separate ranges allows us to operate them independently for different events and training courses simultaneously. each range has a lower table allowing for wheelchair or scooter access. Each range is outfitted with 2 inches of ballistic and acoustic tiles, along with 3/8" armor plated steel. The granular rubber trap is over 3 feet deep at a shooting angle preventing ricochets and fragmentation. A Range Safety Officer will always be present with shooters.


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